Non woven fabric is mainly divided into 2 types:

spunlace non woven fabric and spunbond non woven fabric. Non woven fabric has a variety of usages in our daily life. For example, some non woven fabric are used to manufacture disposable slippers and disposable underwear.

Spunlace non woven fabric is more often used to manufacture wet wipes, baby wipes, adult wet tissue, makeup removing tissue, kitchen wet wipes and so on. While spunbond non woven fabric is mainly used to make baby diaper, adult diaper, surgical mask, and so on. And non woven fabric manufacturing factories are mainly in China and Turkey.

Non woven fabric has 2 main ingredients: viscose and polyester. When the proportion of viscose is higher, the water absorbance of tissue is better and the tissue is softer whereas the cost is also higher. Especially when a factory produces soft baby wet wipes, they will use spunlace non woven fabric with greater proportion of viscose.

Non woven fabric has 2 types if you distinguish them by their appearances: plaid and pearl embossing.

If you consider the G/SM of non woven fabric, there are also some differences. Normally the wet tissue in the market is with G/SM of 40 to 60. When the G/SM is higher, then the non woven fabric is thicker. While spunbond non woven fabric is normally 10 to 20 G/SM, so it is thin and breathable, suitable as raw materials for diaper and masks.

No matter what type of wet wipes you want to produce, non functional wet wipes, functional wet wipes such as alcoholic wet wipes, adult wet wipes, makeup removal wipes, kitchen wet wipes, organic baby wipes, car cleaning wet wipes, facial cleaning wet wipes, hand wet tissue, disinfectant wet wipes, scented wet wipes, unscented wet wipes, household disposable wet tissue and so on. It has nothing to do with the wet wipes making machine, the thing matters is the chemical liquid ingredients.

As long as you apply functional liquid with corresponding formulation on the wet wipes production line, you can make any functional or non functional wet wipes according to your needs. That is to say, the function of wet wipes is only affected by the chemical liquid ingredients, not the wet wipes production line. As long as you own a wet wipes production line, you can add any chemical liquid ingredients you like.

Normally in the market, wet wipes has 3 types: 30 to 120 pieces per pack, 5 to 30 pieces per pack, 1 to 5 pieces per pack. Of course, the quantity, size and G/SM of wet tissue are all customizable. All you need to do is inform us your requirements, and we will manufacture the wet wipes production line according to your needs.

One pack of wet wipes finished product is mainly composed of spunlace non woven fabric, label, lid, functional liquid.

No matter you are interested in wet wipes production line or wet wipes finished products, we can do customization service for both of them, welcome to inquire at any time.