As we all know, wet wipes are widely used in our daily life. Especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, people have become more concerned about personal hygiene and health, which has led to an increasing demand for wet wipes. Therefore, the transformation of the view of health is unstoppable, and attempts to reverse it are doomed to failure. Paper-making is a traditional industry, the present China’s wet wipe industry is at the mature stage, China’s wet wipes machine market continuously expands, the domestic market competition is fierce, as well as the international competitiveness of enterprises continues to improve. However, most people only learn that the wipes are produced by the wipes machines, nothing else is known. Now, I will introduce wet wipes machines from the three aspects of the type of wet wipes, the production process, the selection of the wipes machine.

Fully Automatic 5-30pcs Pocket Wet Wipes Manufacturing Production Line

In terms of raw materials of wet wipes, there are two kinds of raw materials for making wet wipes: one is wet paper, and the other, non-woven. In the market, most of the raw materials for wet wipes use the latter. Divide from the user level, which can be divided into adult wet wipes and baby wipes. There are numerous requirements for making baby wipes, such as not adding alcohol, serum, irritants, fluorescent agents and so on. Functionally, it is classified as a type of wet wipe that has been disinfected in themselves and can only be used to moisturize and maintain the skin. Another type of disinfectant wipe, which not only disinfects itself, but also disinfects other items, and at the same time it can be used as a disinfectant or sterilization of skin abrasions. Therefore, when buying wipes, be sure to figure out the function of wipes. From the packaging point of view, it can be divided into large package for home use, small package portable, single-piece three-side sealing, single-piece four-side sealing.

Although there are various types of wet wipes, the production process of paper towels is similar. Take large packs of sanitary napkins for example, the production process for Working procedure: raw material – vertical folding – wetting – cross fold – slitting – automatic pile and counting – transport tissue to packing machine – date printing – punching – labeling – packing – edges sealing and cutting-finished product output, all of these working processes are completed automatically,without any manual work,it is a high speed, steady and safe machine. And the production process of different types of packaging wipes is similar to that described above.

In addition, do you understand what the whole production line is? The production line of wet wipes refers to the equipment processing route in the production process of wet wipes. It includes standard folding machine, packaging machine and lid applicator machine. But whether customers need to buy all three machines to start business? Naturally, it depends on customers’ needs and budget. Due to some limitations, some customers don’t need lid applicator machines. Therefore, factories will design machines according to customers’ needs. The production line includes two types: fully automatic and semi-automatic. Raw material feeding, cutting, folding, adding liquid, cutting, stacking, these are usually used totally automatic devices. The difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic is that if the packaging of wet wipes, sticky cover and packing are made by manual, which is called semi-automatic production line, or is fully automatic.

Last but no least, the most significant thing is how to choose a proper wet wipe machine. I believe that it is a difficult question for many people who are fresh in this industry, or people who intend to start a wet wipe business. So how to choose a proper one?

We have to consider both production and price. First of all, considering the size of the factory, if the space of the factory is limited, then we choose smaller equipment for the production of wet wipes. Secondly, to understand a set of wet wipes equipment, the price is highly significant, but you also need to consider the configuration of the machine. The quality of wipes produced by excellent wipes equipment will be better. Not only the production capacity meets the standard, but also the wipes and packaging produced by the process are superior, so when choosing the wipes machine, you must go to the scene to see the yield and stability of the wipes actually produced by the machine, as well as understand whether the machine components are wear-resistant, whether the operation is stable and stable, and whether the failure rate is low, these are all critical steps to understand before buying a machine.

 In conclusion, a good wet towel machine manufacturer can not only ensure that the material of the equipment is good and durable, but also the technology of the equipment is advanced, and the model of the equipment is in line with their own production requirements, equipment production capacity is worthy of the name, manufacturers of after-sales service is timely.

As the market for wet wipes grows, this is a great investment business, but before starting a business, you must be thoroughly considered.