RRT-260C is an automatic manufacturing equipment for making 1-10pcs wet wet wipes machine per pack. It is an affordable choice for making wipe items with variety.


RRT-260C is an automated manufacturing equipment for making 1-10pcs damp wet wipes machine per pack. It is an economical choice for making wipe items with wide variety.

The equipment is continous activity with high speed, it can be get to 600 wet wipes machine per min.

Photo Electric Eye Sensor

In actual manufacturing, normally there is shade code on packaging film, this high grade sensing unit will certainly indicate the coder automatically and make the item neat and also even.

Flexible Gadget for Loading Dimension

With this simple operate gadget, equipment user can transform the equipment to fit with numerous sachet sizes, it makes customer have the ability to generate different wet wipes machine according to particular orders.

Sachet Splicing Tools Part

This tools is mounting in a covered box near the film loading terminal, it makes the multi wet wipes machine pack be recycle making use of, match with consumers’ demands.

Cells Trimming and Feeding Head

There are 2 sets of such directly the device, the cutting design is like scissor, with this great design, it will certainly minimize the collission stress in between blades, so guarantee long period of time making use of. It can reduce 6-9 numerous tissue by one blade, 10 times longer than normal cutter.

Stainless-steel Construction

We utilize excellent quality stainless steel to make the device, it makes equipment looks tidy and gorgeous, additionally it will prevent the rust issue.

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