Raw materials are loaded into the machine: The China wholesale adult diaper machine is loaded with rolls of absorbent material, such as fluff pulp and superabsorbent polymer (SAP), as well as other materials such as nonwoven fabric and elastic.

The materials are processed: The raw materials are processed through a series of China wholesale Diaper Machine, including a pulp mill, a fluffing machine, and a SAP applicator, to create the absorbent core of the adult diaper.

The materials are assembled: The absorbent core is assembled with other components, such as the topsheet, backsheet, and elastic leg cuffs, to create the finished adult diaper.

The diapers are cut and shaped: The adult diapers are cut to the proper size and shape using cutting blades and shaping rollers.

The diapers are packaged: The finished adult diapers are packaged by China adult diaper machine company in bags or boxes, ready for distribution and sale.