Máquina empaquetadora de toallitas húmedas

Capacidad de velocidad

25-60 bags/min



Tamaño de la máquina

3800x1600x2000mm (L×W×H)

Peso de la máquina


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Descripción del producto

The wet wipes packaging machine is designed to produce a wide variety of wet wipes in packs of up to 150 sheets, including mini wipes, pocket wipes, portable baby wipes, bed bath towels, refreshing wet tissue, skincare wipes, antibacterial wipes, disinfecting wipes, sanitizing wipes, and blanks for gears and disc-shaped forgings. Generally, there are two types of forging or upsetting: full and local.

The wet wipes packaging machine is a type of equipment in the máquina de toallitas húmedas production line to complete the process of folding and packaging.

Film de embalaje OPP/PE, PET/PE ,PET/AL/PE
capacidad velocidad 25-60 bags/min
Fuente eléctrica AC380V 50/60Hz
Potencia 15KW
Tamaño de la máquina 3800x1600x2000mm (L×W×H)
Film Roll Dia. Max. 400mm
Film Roll Width Max. 400mm
Peso de la máquina 1550kg
Edge Sealing Type Reciprocating Type Heat-seal
Drive Mode Full Servo Motor
Sistema de punzonado cortadora rotativa synchro

Packaging machine system character:

PART Features Functions
Lot/data printing device
Automatic printing device for MFG/EXP data Various printing letters available to choose.
Punching device
Automatic and Durable punching unit for opening mouth Size of the punching unit could be customized according to different size of the packaging. The blade could re-useable for at least 2~3 years lifespan.
Automatic labeling system
Sensor – driving labeling unit for re-sealable label Double labeling system is optional
Gusseting/corner inserting unit
The corner inserting unit makes sure the products packed in a tight and compact way with good looking.
Flexible bag former device
The bag former is designed to be flexible and easily adjustable. This packaging machine can produce wipes of 30~120pcs/pack.