Brief Introduction and Main Features of our baby diaper making machine:
Full servo design, shaft-less transmission, modular structure, easy operation and maintenance, workable upgrade for further reasonable needing
Interface adopted specialized industrial computer, humanized design and easy control, real time data collection and alarm warning.

Contrôle automatique complet
Main raw materials auto unwinding by servo motor with buffer tension balance for zero time splicing, one button touch for shifting motor running direction.
Web guiding system adopted for main raw materials to increase the acceptance and performances.
Relative defects auto rejecting.
Rear driving is transferred by time belts and time wheels, universal couples are adopted for main parts.
Integrity vacuum conveyor is more guarantee and easy adjustable for belts and products positions, One side unload design for easy part -hanging.

All phases auto tracking
Main mechanical parts made by CNC, main supported parts from world famous brands.
Auto adjusting temperature as to set parameters for those electrical thermo parts.
All short cutting are scratch mode, and relative rollers have surface treatment to avoid glue conglutination.
Many other optional parts can be considered as to actual requests

Electrical System:
Including: Main circuits, electro-thermo control system, tension control system, PLC and servo system, second loop electro-circuit system and other electrical parts, etc.
With different color button and lamps to control and show every individual functions situations.
Electro-thermo system: Each thermo heater is controlled by individual thermo controller with displayer. The standards dates can be set as to different parts needing. Both dates for set temperature and actual temperature are displayed for easy reading. By PID auto calculating in the PLC, the temperature can be auto adjusted as to the set standards at machine running.

Système de contrôle automatique:
Système de contrôle logique PLC, Control mode is modular type, solid structure made of high performance materials and new technology for all parts, comply with UL, EU, CE standards to meet different environment. The supervision function can timely check and record all working situations and dates.
PLC systems adopts high performance controller, CPU with Ethernet socket can connect with internet to realize remote control at high speed. PLC digital cards communicate with servo driver to form a high efficiency spot network.

Caractéristiques principales:
Contrôle du réseau, intégrité du processus, parameters and alarm.
Réseau multipoints.
Réglage des paramètres de processus.
Réglage de tous les paramètres.
Conception entièrement modulaire.
Suivi automatique du phaseur.
Espace pour connexion Ethernet.
Espace pour d'autres points de contrôle auxiliaires.

Fonction principale:
Interface d'exploitation de l'industrie
Pour enregistrer et calculer automatiquement toutes les dates de production: La rapidité, total output, shift output, acceptance, defects, working time, alarm list, etc.
To read all information, including some help menus.
Pour sélectionner la taille du produit.
Pour sélectionner le poids des peluches
Pour régler la vitesse de course.
Pour ajuster le produit à deux ou trois volets
Pour sélectionner un numéro pour une seule pile.
To input relative parameters, such as raw materials sizes, reject quantity etc.
To set minimum and maximum speed. At starting, machine keeps running at the set minimum speed, after everything I accepted, the operator pushes the right button to increase the speed. The speed cannot be over the set maximum date to protect over loading of the parts.
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