Wet Wipes Machine’s Prospect

Prospectus de la machine à lingettes humides

Since 2020, the wet wipes machine equipment has matured. The focus of competition has shifted from the price of wet towel equipment, the size of investment, to the maturity of wet wipes machine equipment. Compared with machining ability and quality control. And then there’s the shipping speed. Market competition is fierce, buy automation equipment, whether or not to create higher benefits, depends on quality assurance and production speed. Next up is the ability to sell. When production and marketing reach, the natural income will come.

The demand for wet towels blowout, but also forced the improvement of production capacity. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the quality of wet towels. Wet towel from the initial cleaning function gradually extends the effect of skin care, nourishment and bacteriostatic. Transition from a single clean wet towel to a functional wet towel. The development prospect of wet towel market is beyond doubt!

Nowadays, wet wipes machine has been a variety of technologies, a variety of models:

  • From the point of view of encapsulation types, there are four-sided seal and back seal (also known as trilateral seal).
  • From the number of packaging pieces, there are single chip, two pieces, 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 30 pieces, 50 pieces, 60 pieces, 80 pieces, 100 pieces, 120 pieces and so on.
  • Intelligently, there are semi-automatic and fully automated wet towel machines.
  • From the speed point of view, there are low speed, medium speed, high speed and other types of wet towel machine.
  • From the shape of wet towels, there are folding, tube-mounted wet towel production equipment.

The wet wipes factory should consider the production site, hydropower, environment, labor, raw materials, management, finished product sales and so on. It is not only how much money to measure, but also involves the application of certificates. It is suggested that field enterprises should be visited.

Rigor Baby Wet Wipes Machine Line
How to buy a suitable wet wipes making machine with limited budget?

How to buy a suitable wet wipes making machine with limited budget?

We have met some clients who ask us: I have a low budget, and I want to install a wet tissue manufacturing factory, it is a small business, how to buy a suitable wet wipes making machine with my budget to achieve the lowest investment and minimum risks?

If you want to make a low investment in a business, then wet wipes making machine is totally a perfect choice for you. It starts with only a little investment on production line, raw materials and small manufacturing factory required.

If you have a budget of 20 to 50 thousand US dollars for this investment project, then our suggestion for you is to buy only a wet wipes folding machine first. In this way, your 20 to 50 thousand US dollars will be enough for the cost of wet wipes folding machine, corresponding raw materials (spunlace non woven fabric, chemical liquid ingredients, wet wipes packing film, plastic lid and label) and shipping cost.

The finished product of a wet wipes folding machine is just a simple stack of unpacked wet tissue, so it requires to be packed before you bring it to the market for sale. Since there is not full automatic wet wipes packing machine, our suggestion for you is to buy a simple semi automatic packing film sealing machine. It has a very low and attractive price, only 400 US dollars. With this semi automatic sealing machine, you will be able to pack the stacks of wet tissue manually.

As for plastic lid applying on the wet wipes, we also have a solution with low cost for it. We developed a semi automatic lid labeling and gluing machine for clients to achieve semi automatic wet wipes production line with low investment. It has a very low price, too. In this way, you can ask your workers to manually pack the wet wipes and add plastic lids on wet wipes. All of these wet wipes folding machine, semi automatic packing film sealing machine, semi automatic lid labeling and gluing machine and corresponding raw materials for producing wet wipes will fit into one 40’HQ container.

We can provide you with turnkey solution for your wet wipes business and buy all of these raw materials for you and ship your raw materials along with the machine to you, or we can also recommend some reliable suppliers of raw materials in China to you. So you will never have to worry about the issue of raw materials.

This semi automatic solution will need about 3 workers in the production line and a factory with 300 square meters’ space is suggested.

After you opened your local market and your wet wipes business is becoming flourishing, then you can again consider enlarge your investment by buying a wet wipes packing machine and a wet wipes lid applicator machine to make up a full automatic wet wipes production line with the original wet wipes folding machine you own.

Welcome to inquire us about your wet wipes business.