Машина для производства влажных салфеток

we are professional high quality wet wipes machine manufacturer.

You can choose from a variety of packing sizes and speeds to meet your commercial needs.For air, sea, and inland transportation, wet wipes machine manufacturers use standardized, high-quality packaging.

Wet wipes machine standard configuration.

Production date printing device, punching device, bag buckle device, electric eye automatic tracking device, adjustable bag making machine, operation screen.

Wet wipes production line advantages.

Automatic: Wet wipes can be bagged individually or in bags. With proper packaging, the wipes remain moist throughout their shelf life. On the other hand, the automated process will increase production speed and reduce packaging time.
Durability: The machine is made of stainless steel for durability and can handle high productivity without causing any trouble.
Low maintenance: the line machine is manufactured with industrial grade raw materials to adapt to diverse industrial conditions.
Specific features: packaging speed, product size range, PLC, etc. will be in perfect scale to meet different customer requirements.

Wet wipes machine price.

Depending on the different configurations chosen for different production requirements, the price of baby wipes machine is around 10000-100000 USD/unit.

Как управлять линией по производству салфеток?

If you don’t know how to operate, you can связаться с нами для получения бесплатной онлайн-поддержки. Мы также предлагаем услуги по установке и обслуживанию зарубежных машин. Если вы хотите быстро научиться работать и устранять неисправности салфеточной машины, пожалуйста, запросите у нас подробные видеоролики по эксплуатации и руководства по эксплуатации.

Check Products catalog, filter these wet wipes machines based on after-sales service, machinery test reports, and core component value. Choose the best-suited machine according to your.

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