Машина для производства гигиенических прокладок Easy Pack

Design speed

800 pieces/min(290мм)



Supply air pressure


Power source

380В ±5%、50Гц, 3 фаза 4 провода + заземляющий провод

Уникальные преимущества машины для производства влажных салфеток Rigor:
Мы заботимся о том, что вас больше всего волнует при покупке машины для производства влажных салфеток.
Мы всегда верили в предоставление клиентам лучших машин..
Наша миссия - помочь каждому клиенту оставаться на вершине поставщика влажных салфеток..

Описание продукта

Product structure:

Normal thick type product: top sheet non-woven(or PE perforated film), elastic ribbon of
Stereo-Protection ,top tissue, absorbent paper(cotton core with SAP), down tissue,PE film, back release paper, wing release paper, packaging film, easy tape.

Ultra thindouble layer anti-leakage non-woven, верхний лист (non woven or PE perforated film), абсорбирующая сердцевина(air laid, SAP paper), down tissue, back sheet(PE film), wing release paper, packaging film, easy tape.

Main technical specification

Design speed 800 pieces/min(290мм)
Stable production speed 550pieces/min(290мм)
Product weight tolerance ±2%
Rate of finished product ≥99% (not including the defective products caused by glue applicator, supplying of raw materials and joints of raw materials)
Power 380V/50HZ
Installment power ≧260KW
Вес машины About 35 tons
Power source 380В ±5%、50Гц, 3 фаза 4 провода + заземляющий провод
Supply air pressure 0.6+0.8Mpa
Working direction of machine to be defined by buyer
Цвет машины to be defined by buyer

Main parts suppliers

Имя Brand
Touch Screen
Servo motor MITSUBISHI
Web guider Techmach, Китай
Photoelectric switch,
proximity switch
Mercury slip ring America MERCOTAC
Low-voltage electrical apparatus France SCHNEIDER
Solid state relay Japan OMRON
Temperature controller Japan OMRON
Main cutting parts’ Bearings Japan NSK/NTN
Timing belt Fulong
Flat belt Spanish Esbelt
Main machine’s cylinder AIRTAC/SHAKO
electromagnetic valve AIRTAC/SHAKO
Inner cutting tool, outer cutting tool, draw device, round sealing device. Фуцзянь
Short Flat Cutting Blade Alloy blade
Bottom cutting roller Inserted Alloy


The reasons make Rigor machine the preferred option:

1.High speed: 550 шт/мин
2.Professional manufacturer
3.Top quality
4.Высокая производительность
5.Full servo automatic control
6.Easy operation
7.Гарантия качества
8.Hygiene products converting solution
9.Индивидуальный сервис
10.Main supported parts from world famous brands.

After-sales service:

The Seller shall be responsible to provide two technician to the buyer ’ s factory to help the buyer for Installation of the machines on their arrivals, to give full instruction for installations and operations so that the buyer can install the machines and operate for test run properly .

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be very happy to serve you.