Difference between adult diapermachine and baby diaper production

Difference between adult diapermachine and baby diaper production

With the aging of the population, adult diapers have become a very important part of the elderly care industry. As we age, driven by consumption, the adult diaper machine industry has huge development potential. Rigor is professional factory supply disposable adult diaper machine in China. We can provide you with cost-effective and high-quality adult diaper machine to help you start new business.

Adult diapers have higher requirements for production process equipment

Adult diaper production line Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products and one of the adult care products. They are mainly used as waste diapers for incontinent adults.

Traditional adult diapers are similar to baby diapers, consisting of a leak-proof bottom layer, an absorbent core, a hydrophilic surface layer and a water-repellent side adhesive. The water-repellent side creates a side wall to avoid side leakage.

But in actual usage scenarios, there are still huge differences between adult diapers and baby diapers:

1.Different sizes. Because the applicable groups are different, baby diapers are mainly used by newborns and babies under 3 years old, and are designed in smaller sizes; adult diapers are mainly used by adults, and are designed in larger sizes.

2.The amount of absorption is different. The urine output of babies and adults is different. Most users of adult diapers are sleeping patients, and adults have large bowel movements; therefore, adult diapers are prone to leaking during use. The penetration performance and absorption capacity of the two are different. Adults generally have stronger absorption capacity and larger absorption capacity.

3.Different functions. Because bedridden elderly people are prone to bed sores after being in bed for a long time, and adult urine has a relatively strong odor, adult diapers generally add some deodorizing, anti-odor, and anti-bed sore ingredients.

In view of the above situation,adult diaper manufacturing machine equipment must be distinguished from baby diaper machine. In order to realize the industrial production of the above-mentioned adult diapers, there is an urgent need to develop the above-mentioned adult diaper production lines and corresponding production processes.

Features of adult diaper production line

Adult diaper designs include water-repellent side flap loops, water-repellent back flap loops, hydrophilic surface loops, rubber transport components and water-repellent composite components.In order to realize these technical processes, our production equipment has the following characteristics:

1.High speed and fully servo controllable
High-speed full servo control is compatible with spunlace nonwovens and other flushable and biodegradable materials;

2.High hygiene level
The sanitary wipes delivery system is designed to be easy to disassemble and clean, and can be cleaned with online pasteurization disinfectant;

3.Automated error correction
Online automatic correction, nonwoven stain detection, metal detection, weight detection, inkjet coding, punching and labeling online visual inspection;

4.Intelligent data statistics
Equipment-side operating data production capacity statistics, inspection statistics, and output ports;

5.High speed and high precision
The high-speed and high-precision fully automatic capping machine can produce special-shaped rubber cap products, can generate glue spray tracks online, visually detect the capping effect online, and remove it automatically;

6.Fully automatic, convenient and fast
Fully automatic ultra-mini wet wipes production line, automatic packaging and packaging system.

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