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To open a diaper plant, one necessary element is diaper making machine. But how much money should a business investor prepare? How much money will be spent on buying a diaper making machine? Today we will be discussing cost of diaper making machine.

Firstly, please clarify you need a adult diaper making machine or a baby diaper making machine? Adult diaper machine will be a little more expensive than baby diaper machine.

Then decide which type of diaper you are interested in producing? Waistband elastic sticker type or pull-up pant type? Normally pant type making machine is a little more expensive than sticker type.

Besides, whether a machine is full servo or spindle/shaft also impacts the price of a machine.

Because machines can be customized according to your requirements, price is just for your reference.

For detailed price, please contact us. Rigor machine will be your best choice.

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