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how to bulk wet wipes machine from china

how to bulk wet wipes machine from china

To purchase a bulk islak mendi̇l maki̇nesi̇ from China, you can follow these steps:

  1. Research different manufacturers and suppliers of wet wipes machines in China by searching online or through trade directories.
  2. Compare the features and prices of the machines to find one that meets your requirements and budget.
  3. Contact the supplier to inquire about minimum order quantities, lead times, and any other important details.
  4. If you are satisfied with the supplier’s terms, you can place an order for the machine.
  5. Coordinate with the supplier to arrange for shipping and delivery of the machine to your location.
  6. It is also recommended to visit the supplier before placing an order to ensure the supplier is reputable and the product is of good quality.

what is wet wipes machine

A wet wipes machine is a type of machinery used for the production of wet wipes. Wet wipes are pre-moistened disposable cloths that are used for cleaning, personal hygiene, and other purposes. The machine is used to convert rolls of non-woven fabric into wet wipes of a specific size and shape. The machine typically includes a cutting and sealing unit, a moistening unit, and a packaging unit.

The cutting and sealing unit cuts the non-woven fabric into the desired size and shape, and then seals the edges to prevent the wipes from unraveling. The moistening unit adds a solution of water and other ingredients to the wipes to provide the desired level of moisture. The packaging unit then packages the wet wipes into individual packets or containers.

Wet wipes machines can vary in size, capacity, and features depending on the specific application and production needs. Some machines are designed for small-scale production while others are suitable for large-scale industrial manufacturing.

islak mendi̇l maki̇nesi̇

Wet wipes machines trade in the world

Wet wipes machines are in high demand globally due to the widespread use of wet wipes for personal hygiene, cleaning, and other purposes. As a result, there is a significant trade of wet wipes machines worldwide.
China is a major manufacturer and exporter of wet wipes machines, with many suppliers and manufacturers located in the country. Other countries such as Korea, Turkey, and Germany also manufacture and export wet wipes machines.
Many countries import wet wipes machines to meet their own production needs. The United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom are among the top importers of wet wipes machines. Other countries such as India, Brazil, and Mexico also import wet wipes machines.
The trade of wet wipes machines is likely to continue growing in the future due to the increasing demand for wet wipes in various industries such as health care, hospitality, and personal care.
It’s also important to note that trade policies and tariffs, as well as currency fluctuations, can also have an impact on the cost and availability of wet wipes machines in different countries.

Wet Wipes Machine’s Prospect

Islak Mendil Makinasının Beklentisi

Since 2020, the islak mendi̇l maki̇nesi̇ equipment has matured. The focus of competition has shifted from the price of wet towel equipment, the size of investment, to the maturity of wet wipes machine equipment. Compared with machining ability and quality control. And then there’s the shipping speed. Market competition is fierce, buy automation equipment, whether or not to create higher benefits, depends on quality assurance and production speed. Next up is the ability to sell. When production and marketing reach, the natural income will come.

The demand for wet towels blowout, but also forced the improvement of production capacity. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the quality of wet towels. Wet towel from the initial cleaning function gradually extends the effect of skin care, nourishment and bacteriostatic. Transition from a single clean wet towel to a functional wet towel. The development prospect of wet towel market is beyond doubt!

Nowadays, wet wipes machine has been a variety of technologies, a variety of models:

  • From the point of view of encapsulation types, there are four-sided seal and back seal (also known as trilateral seal).
  • From the number of packaging pieces, there are single chip, two pieces, 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 30 pieces, 50 pieces, 60 pieces, 80 pieces, 100 pieces, 120 pieces and so on.
  • Intelligently, there are semi-automatic and fully automated wet towel machines.
  • From the speed point of view, there are low speed, medium speed, high speed and other types of wet towel machine.
  • From the shape of wet towels, there are folding, tube-mounted wet towel production equipment.

The wet wipes factory should consider the production site, hydropower, environment, labor, raw materials, management, finished product sales and so on. It is not only how much money to measure, but also involves the application of certificates. It is suggested that field enterprises should be visited.

Rigor Baby Wet Wipes Machine Line
Islak mendil makinesi üreticisi

Islak mendil makinesi üreticisi

RRT-260C, paket başına 1-10 adet ıslak ıslak mendil makinesi yapmak için otomatik bir üretim ekipmanıdır. Çeşitli mendil ürünleri yapmak için uygun fiyatlı bir seçimdir.


RRT-260C, paket başına 1-10 adet nemli ıslak mendil makinesi yapmak için otomatik bir üretim ekipmanıdır. Çok çeşitli mendil ürünleri yapmak için ekonomik bir seçimdir.

Ekipman yüksek hızda sürekli faaliyet gösterir, 600'e kadar çıkabilir islak mendi̇l maki̇nesi̇ dakika başına.

Foto Elektrikli Göz Sensörü

Gerçek üretimde, normalde ambalaj filmi üzerinde gölge kodu vardır, bu yüksek dereceli algılama ünitesi kesinlikle kodlayıcıyı otomatik olarak gösterecek ve ürünü düzgün ve eşit hale getirecektir.

Boyut Yükleme için Esnek Alet

Bu basit kullanım aygıtı ile, ekipman kullanıcısı ekipmanı çok sayıda poşet boyutuna uyacak şekilde dönüştürebilir, müşterinin belirli siparişlere göre farklı ıslak mendil makinesi üretme yeteneğine sahip olmasını sağlar.

Poşet Ekleme Aletleri Parçası

This tools is mounting in a covered box near the film loading terminal, it makes the multi wet wipes machine pack be recycle making use of, match with consumers’ demands.

Hücreler Kırpma ve Besleme Başlığı

Doğrudan cihazda 2 set vardır, kesme tasarımı makas gibidir, bu harika tasarımla, bıçaklar arasındaki çarpışma stresini kesinlikle en aza indirecek, böylece uzun süre kullanımını garanti edecektir. Normal kesiciden 10 kat daha uzun olan bir bıçakla 6-9 çok sayıda dokuyu azaltabilir.

Paslanmaz çelik konstrüksiyon

Cihazı yapmak için mükemmel kalitede paslanmaz çelik kullanıyoruz, ekipmanın düzenli ve muhteşem görünmesini sağlıyor, ayrıca pas sorununu önleyecektir.

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Precautions for the operation of wet wipes machine

Precautions for the operation of wet wipes machine

When using the wipes machine, certain factors should be considered so they do not jeopardize the results. In the process of operation, we must pay special attention to what phenomena?

1. Master the reasonable operation method. As a professional operator, we must seriously study and train reasonable operation methods. Once they have been mastered, what is the actual operation method? Afterwards, it can be ensured in the application process and in real organisms. People who do not understand the structure of the operation will be greatly harmed throughout the application process. Therefore, we should understand the detailed operation method under normal circumstances.

Fully Automatic 5 30pcs Pocket Wet Wipes Manufacturing Production Line

2. When using the islak mendi̇l maki̇nesi̇, it is also necessary to carefully check whether the equipment is abnormal and whether there is a place to improve work efficiency. Under all normal circumstances, what is the specific behavior of the device during the application process? We can get these details right and see if there are other unusual issues with the device to help us handle it better. Carefully understand the production line of wet wipes and properly handle abnormal situations.

3. Before running the equipment every day, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection. After the equipment is finished, the equipment should also be cleaned, which is conducive to the hygiene and safety of the production of wet wipes. You can also check on the preparation of the wipes on time. If there is an abnormal situation in some areas, it must be dealt with immediately. If there are no problems, they can be applied again. As a result, regular inspections and maintenance are necessary so that the equipment can last a long time and effectively decrease the need for other things.