Машина для производства детских подгузников с большим поясом

Стабильная скорость

600шт/мин (I shape) 400-500шт/мин (Big waist band diaper)



Machine weight

about 50 Tons (вся производственная линия)

Размер машины

28.0m× 7.0m× 3.5m(Д× Ш× В )

Unique benefits of owning Rigor’s Baby Diaper Machine:
Мы заботимся о том, что вас больше всего волнует при покупке машины.
Мы всегда верили в предоставление клиентам лучших машин..
Our mission is to help each client stay at the top of baby diaper supplier.

Описание продукта

Объем (млн штук/год) 40-140 миллион штук
Стабильная скорость 600шт/мин (I shape)
400-500шт/мин (Big waist band diaper)
Проходной балл ≥ 98% (Не включать аппликатор клея, Автоматическое сращивание)
Источник питания 3 фаза, 5 провода (380в, 50Гц)
Используемая мощность 250кВт
Электропровод 3×120mm2+1×50mm2+1×25mm2
Размер машины 28.0m× 7.0m× 3.5m(Д× Ш× В )
Вес машины about 50 Tons (вся производственная линия)
Размер готового продукта:
XL、л、М、С(На основании требований заказчика)
Максимум Мин.
Длина 550мм 350мм
Ширина 350мм 200мм


Origin Китай
Model NO. DNW-NK600D-SV
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Automatic Grade Full Servo
Delivery Time 150 days after receive 30% deposit by T/T
Packing Way Anti-rust Oil+ PE Film Cover Whole Machine+ Seaworthy Wooden base Packing
Diaper Structure:Double layer anti-side leakage non-woven fabric + non-woven fabric layer (inside and outside a rubber band) + surface composite non-woven fabric + anti-side cloth + conductive layer chopped (do full length) + toilet paper + + Cotton core + САП + lower toilet paper + online composite base film (base film positioning) + front waist stickers (cartoon online color positioning) + S cut (online composite) + online forming elastic waist (dotted line cut 285mm) + stereo Elastic (valgus 4 + 4) + Legs Elastic (3 + 3)


Brief introduction:

1.Eletrical system
2.Automatic Control System
PLC logic control system
Network control, integrity of process, paremeters and alarm.
Multi-points network.
Process parameters setting.
All parameters setting.
Full modular design.
Phaser auto tracking.
Space for Ethernet connection.
Space for other auxiliary control points.
3.Industry Operate Interface
To auto record and calculate all producing dates
To select the product size.
To select the fluff weight.
To adjust running speed.
To adjust bi-fold or tri-fold product.
To select number for single stack.
4.Sequence Start
5.Warming System
6.Auto controls other auxiliary parts.
7.Raw Material Control
8.Servo motor unwinding with tension control.
9.Zero time splicing
10.Splice jointer checking.
11.Breaking checking.
12.Quality Control
13.Safety Measures
14.Mechanical Arrangement
Core Forming
Back Sheet Construction
Top Sheet Construction
Diaper Assembly and Finishing
Diapers Counting and Stacking

The reasons make Rigor machine the preferred option:

1.High speed: 400-600 шт/мин
2.Professional manufacturer
3.Top quality
4.Высокая производительность
5.Full servo automatic control
6.Easy operation
7.Гарантия качества
8.Hygiene products converting solution
9.Индивидуальный сервис
10.Main supported parts from world famous brands.

After-sales service:

The Seller shall be responsible to provide two technician to the buyer ’ s factory to help the buyer for Installation of the machines on their arrivals, to give full instruction for installations and operations so that the buyer can install the machines and operate for test run properly .

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be very happy to serve you.