20 Lanes High Speed Wet Towel Folding Machine

Capacity speed

7000-8000 psc/min



Machine size

9190x2850x1770(MM) (L x W x H)

Machine weight


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Product Description

This machine adopts full servo drive and PLC control system for operation. It’s made of raw material loading device, tension device, folding device, automatic wetting system, automatic counting device and stacking device.
Stainless steel is applied to the cover of machine and main spare parts. The parts in contact with liquid and fabric are made of stainless steel. All the processes are finished on the machine without manual labor involved, so the finished product meets hygienic standard. The folding device is specially designed to make various folding ways feasible. It’s smart and speedy.

Suitable material Spunlace non-woven, hot rolling non-woven fabrics, Air-laid paper
GSM of raw material 40-80g/m2
capacity speed 7000-8000 psc/min
Folding way “Z”“W””C” type(non-pop up/pop up)
Slitting unit: 20 rolls
automatic counting and piling
Size of product (unfolded) (135-170)x(170-210) (MM)(LxW)
Size of product (folded) (135-170) x (90-110)(MM)(LxW)
Controlling system Frequency speed controlling, PLC controlling
Size of raw material Max dia:1200mm
Width :600-1200mm
Electrical source AC380V 50/60Hz
Machine weight 3tons
Machine size 9190x2850x1770(MM) (L x W x H)
Power 15KW


Rigor provides full aspects of after-sales services :

We welcome your sending technician to our factory to study and run the machine ordered before the machine is delivered.
After the machine arriving at your factory, we will send our engineer to your factory to help install and start up the machine and teach your workers to run the machine for you.
Our engineer can also stay in your factory to operate the machine for you for several months if you need.
We provide life-long after-sales service for our machines.
Our warranty extends to 12 months.