Pull Up Pants Baby Diaper Machine

Working speed

500 Pcs/minute(M size)

Размер машины

32×8×5 М(Д×Ш×В)

Общий вес

Около 85 тонн


380В ±5%、50Гц

Unique benefits of owning Rigor’s Baby Diaper Machine:
Мы заботимся о том, что вас больше всего волнует при покупке машины.
Мы всегда верили в предоставление клиентам лучших машин..
Our mission is to help each client stay at the top of Baby Diaper supplier.

Описание продукта

Machine Main Technical Parameters
Design speed 600 Pcs/minute(M size)
Working speed 500 Pcs/minute(M size)
Qualified rate >= 97%
(исключить потери из-за аппликаторов клея и соединения материалов)
Эффективность >= 85%
мощность установки >=400KW
Электричество 380V ±5%、50Гц
Проволока Три фазы четыре провода 380В/50Гц (заземляющий провод) 3X150mm³+1X70mm³+1X25mm³
Air pressure >=0.8Mpa 2.6m³/min
Общий вес Около 85 тонн
Размер машины 32×8×5 М(Д×Ш×В)
Рабочее пространство 42×12×8 М (Д×Ш×В)
Цвет машины Рис белый ,можно изменить по заказу
Размер товара Размер M-L-XL-XXL
Контейнеры 6X40HQ
Packaging: Упаковка полиэтиленовой крышки в контейнере


Machine main parts brand
Имя Origin Brand
PLC Control System Japan Mitsubishi
Servo motor Japan Mitsubishi
Touchable screen Japan Mitsubishi
Automatic fault alarm Japan Mitsubishi
Auto web guider USA BST
Sensor USA Banner
Safety production France Schneider
Cutter raw material USA M7
Gear (according to usage) China/Germany/Japan/Sweden HRB/NSK
Timing belt Germany/USA Optibelt or Gates
Low voltage electronic France Schneider
Electrical connection terminal Germany Phoenix
Temperature controlling system Japan Omron
High-speed joint Japan SMC
Pressure regulating valve Chinese Taiwan Airtac
Pneumatic element Chinese Taiwan Airtac
Solenoid valve Chinese Taiwan Airtac
Moisture separator Chinese Taiwan Airtac
Planetary reducer Chinese Taiwan Airtac
Liner guide rail Chinese Taiwan Airtac


Machine Standard Configuration:

Crusher system
Bottom tissue feeding, roll diameter φ800mm
Fluff forming system
SAP feeding system
Upper tissue, roll diameter φ800mm
Fluff core wrapped by upper and bottom tissue, also can be wrapped by one whole piece tissue
Press the absorbent core
ADL feeding, roll diameter φ800mm
One set products cutting unit
Hydrophilic nonwoven supply, roll diameterφ800mm
Leak cuff unit
Leg cuffs lycra supply
Backsheet film supply,diameterφ600mm
Three pieces complex, two sides fixing unit, adhesion pressing
Surface layer, absorption core, backseet film pressing
Inner waist nonwoven supply,roll diameterφ800mm
Front color tape passive unwinding, roll dia 500mm, max cut size 100*100mm
Waist elastic lycra supply
Waist fluff part lycra cut unit, in case this part gets wrinkled.
Horizontal stacker transmission

The reasons make Rigor machine the preferred option:

1.High speed: 500-600 шт/мин
2.Professional manufacturer
3.Top quality
4.Высокая производительность
5.Full servo automatic control
6.Easy operation
7.Гарантия качества
8.Hygiene products converting solution
9.Индивидуальный сервис
10.Main supported parts from world famous brands.

After-sales service:

The Seller shall be responsible to provide two technician to the buyer ’ s factory to help the buyer for Installation of the machines on their arrivals, to give full instruction for installations and operations so that the buyer can install the machines and operate for test run properly .

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be very happy to serve you.