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Islak Mendil Makinası

Rigor professional high quality wet wipes machine manufacturer,focused on best-in-class disposable wet wipes machinery manufacturing & turn-key project planning.We can provide tailor-made solutions according to the kind of wet wipes and packaging you need: wipes or wet wipes, non-woven or tissue, in sachet, bag or box.

You can choose from a variety of packing sizes and speeds to meet your commercial needs.For air, sea, and inland transportation, wet wipes machine manufacturers use standardized, high-quality packaging.

Wet wipes machine standard configuration.

Production date printing device, punching device, bag buckle device, electric eye automatic tracking device, adjustable bag making machine, operation screen.

Wet wipes production line advantages.

Automatic: Wet wipes can be bagged individually or in bags. With proper packaging, the wipes remain moist throughout their shelf life. On the other hand, the automated process will increase production speed and reduce packaging time.
Durability: The machine is made of stainless steel for durability and can handle high productivity without causing any trouble.
Low maintenance: the line machine is manufactured with industrial grade raw materials to adapt to diverse industrial conditions.
Specific features: packaging speed, product size range, PLC, etc. will be in perfect scale to meet different customer requirements.

Wet wipes machine price.

Depending on the different configurations chosen for different production requirements, the price of baby wipes machine is around 10000-100000 USD/unit.

Mendil üretim hattı nasıl çalıştırılır?

If you don’t know how to operate, you can Bize ulaşın ücretsiz çevrimiçi destek için. Ayrıca yabancı makine kurulum ve bakım hizmetleri de sunuyoruz. Mendil makinesinin nasıl çalıştırılacağını ve sorunlarının nasıl giderileceğini hızlı bir şekilde öğrenmek istiyorsanız, lütfen bizden ayrıntılı kullanım videoları ve kullanım kılavuzları isteyin.

Check Products catalog, filter these wet wipes machines based on after-sales service, machinery test reports, and core component value. Choose the best-suited machine according to your.

Wet wipes machine Knowledge:

Wet wipes manufacturing process

The manufacturing process for wet wipes typically involves the following steps: Preparation of the solution: The first step in the manufacturing process is to prepare the solution that will be used to moisten the wipes. This solution may contain water, a cleaning...

Wet wipe machine in india

There are several companies in India that manufacture wet wipe machines. Some of these companies include: Rigor Machine: Quanzhou Rigor Machine Manufactory Co.,Ltd is an experienced and professional machinery manufacturer. We have been focusing on the research and...

Wet Wipe Investment And Business Plan

The global wet wipes retail market size reached USD 13.6 billion in 2018. Baby wipes accounted for the largest share (Figure1), at $5.8 billion, accounting for 43% of the total global wet wipes retail market. In second place are household cleaning wipes at $3.5...

çin'den toplu ıslak mendil makinesi nasıl yapılır

To purchase a bulk wet wipes machine from China, you can follow these steps: Research different manufacturers and suppliers of wet wipes machines in China by searching online or through trade directories. Compare the features and prices of the machines to find one...

Islak Mendil Makinasının Beklentisi

Since 2020, the wet wipes machine equipment has matured. The focus of competition has shifted from the price of wet towel equipment, the size of investment, to the maturity of wet wipes machine equipment. Compared with machining ability and quality control. And then...