Full Servo Adult Diaper Making Machine

Designed Speed


Machine Size

35.0m× 8.5m× 4.2m(L× W× H )

Machine Color

Blue ( confirm with customer)

Machine Weight

About 70T (whole production line)

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Product Description



1. Volume (million pieces/ year) 40-70 million pieces
2. Designed Speed 250pcs/min
3. Stable Speed 150-200 pcs /min
4.  Passing rate ≥ 97% (Not include the glue applicator, Auto Splicing)
 Technical Parameter:
1. Power Supply 3 phase, 5 wires  (380v, 50HZ)
2. Power Installed 400KW
3. Power Used 350 KW
4. Electric wire 3×120mm2+1×50mm2+1×25mm2
5. Compressed Air Supply 0.6~0.8Mpa
6. Compressed Air Absorption 5000 Nl/min
7. Machine Size 35.0m× 8.5m× 4.2m(L× W× H )
8. Working Size 40m× 12m ´5.0m  (L× W× H )
9. Machine Weight About 70T (whole production line)
10. Machine Color:  Blue ( confirm with customer)
11. Machine Direction: From Right to Left   (can be designed as customer’s demand)
12. Containers: 6´ 40 HQ containers
13. Finish Product Size:


( Based on Customer’s requirement)

  Max  Min
Length  1000mm 450mm
Width  880mm 350mm
14. Product Structure:
Basic structure:   Fluff core, SAP, top sheet, backsheet, frontal tape, side tape, leg elastic, ADL
Optional structure: Double core, waistband, stand cuff, ADL, Fasten belt(T-tape).


Our Advantages

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With the highest level of technology in the area, we would very much like to attend to the advice of customers carefully.

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4.Precision and Quality Control
As a professional and experienced factory, we take “Quality First” as our working guideline, all majority parts of our production lines are purchased and processed according to the highest standards of the industry.

We have imported top grade CNC Machines to make sure accuracy and life long usage of the production lines we produced.

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