Four-sealing Single Wipes Machine

Inner Material

30-80g/㎡ air laid paper, nonwoven, spun lace nonwoven fabric etc.



Machine weight

About 1200kgs

Machine Dimensions


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Product Description

Packaging Form Four-size Sealing
Packing Material CPP,PE,PET,,OPP,BOPP/AL Laminated film
Inner Material 30-80g/㎡ air laid paper, nonwoven, spun lace nonwoven fabric etc.
Material Inner Roller Dia. Φ70-75MM
Packing Size Length
the bag size is adjustable ,change size no need change mold
Nonwoven roll out -diam. 1000mm
Package roll out-diam. 350mm
Folding Way Max 10 times folding vertical, and 4 times folding horizontal
Liquid Added Range 0-10ml
Packing Speed 60-120 bags/Min
Total Power 2.8KW
Power Supply 220/380V 50/60HZ
Machine finishing Stainless steel
Machine Noise ≤64.9DB(A)
Output Packing arm will collect the products and put it onto conveyor,the desired number of the stacks,it can be adjusted and set on the control panel
Air Supply 0.6-1.0 MPa
Air Consumption 300-500ml/min
Machine Dimensions 3000×2500×1800(L*W*H)
Machine Weight About 1200kgs


This machine is suitable for the production of all kinds of four-side sealing wipes, make-up removal wipes, personal care wipes, alcohol pads, etc. One machine can produce a variety of different package sizes products(wet wipes).

This machine with the advanced technology, with servo motor and PLC touch panel,which can adjust the packing temperature, packing speed and tissue length accordingly.This machine adopts light electrical integration design, with the function of automatic error alarm system and safety instruction signals. With stable performance, simple operation, the continuous air pressure ensure the good sealing of products.

The reasons make Rigor machine the preferred option:

High speed: 3500-4800 pcs/min (25-60bags)
Professional manufacturer
Top quality
High performance
Full servo automatic control
Easy operation
Quality assurance
Hygiene products converting solution
Customized service
Main supported parts from world famous brands.

After-sales service:

The Seller shall be responsible to provide two technician to the buyer ’ s factory to help the buyer for Installation of the machines on their arrivals, to give full instruction for installations and operations so that the buyer can install the machines and operate for test run properly .

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