As a professional and creative hygiene products machinery manufacturing factory, Rigor machine has been dedicated to developing state of the art wet wipes making machine for more than 15 years.

We have developed miscellaneous wet wipes making machines: 30-120pcs/pack pop up/ non pop up antiseptic baby wipes and household wipes making machine with auto-splicing or non auto-splicing design, 5-30pcs/pack facial tissue moist towelette making machine, single (1pc) disinfectant wet tissue making machine (for restaurant wet wipe, alcohol prep pad and so on), canister roll type barreled wet wipes making machine, and spider arm plastic cover lid applicator machine to meet your demand.

The folding way of wet wipes can be decided by you, whether it is “Z”/”N” fold, or “V”/”C” fold, or “W” fold, we can always fulfill it on the machine you order.

Our machine adopts full servo drive and PLC control system. It is high speed and fully automatic, so you do not need to worry about increasingly expensive labor cost, and it simultaneously meets hygienic standards as no people involved in the process of manufacturing. Our machine is made of raw material loading device, tension device, folding device, automatic wetting system, automatic counting device and slitting device, printing and punching device, labeling device, packing and gusseting device, full auto plastic lid application for finished products.

As for machine parts that are directly in contact with liquid and non woven fabric, they are all made of stainless steel so as to avoid getting rusty. It is complete production line, but can be purchased separately according to your needs. For example, you can buy the wet wipes folding machine alone and then your workers pack wipes manually, this will save a lot of money. And the average speed of production is up to 120 pieces per minute.

For plastic cover lid applicating machine, we adopt the best Nordson brand hot melt glue applicator with top quality. There will be a sensor camera installed in the machine, so the machine will know and start to work when wet wipes are conveyed every time.

All the machines are precisely manufactured by us. Supplying best wet wipes making machine possible and helping our client become the top of wet wipes supplier is extremely important for us.

We offer humane customization service for clients who have special needs. If you have good ideas, please feel free to consult us. We also offer full aspects of after sales services including 1 year warranty, online support, video technical support, field maintenance, and spare parts.

During all these years, our wet wipes making machines are sold to both domestic and abroad markets and they are highly appreciated by our clients for their stability, flexibility, efficiency and high performance.

Our mission: to accurately producing hygiene product machine using our advanced technology, professional knowledge, rich experience and creative spirit.

Rigor machine cares what you care most when purchasing a wet wipes making machine. Choose Rigor machine for your wet wipes business, and you will never regret.

If you have any other questions, welcome to inquire.