Diapers are divided into adult diapers (left) and baby diapers (right), which are essential daily necessities for certain groups of people and babies.

Adult incontinence products mainly include adult diapers (adult diapers, diapers) and nursing pads. toilet man. The history of adult diapers is not long-about half a century ago, the world’s first diapers were born; in the 1980s, polymer water-absorbent resin was introduced from Japan as a material for making diapers, and its better water absorption made this material famous. The “second-generation core” made for diapers; as developed countries gradually enter the aging society, adult diapers, as a non-negligible member of care products, have attracted the attention of businesses, and their technology and market share have developed rapidly.

Statistics show that by the end of 2011, China’s elderly population aged 60 and over had reached 185 million, accounting for 13.7% of the total population, an increase of 0.47 percentage points over the end of the previous year. As the country with the highest proportion of elderly population in the world, Japan currently has a figure of 23%, while those of Italy and Germany are 20% and 18% respectively. Some companies have seen business opportunities for elderly care from here. “In the Japanese market, the market size of adult incontinence care products (note: adult diapers and nursing pads) can reach 1.5 billion euros, while in the just-started Chinese market, the current figure is only 100 million euros, and as far as we know, Among the elderly over the age of 65, an average of 9% suffer from urinary incontinence, which shows that the Chinese market has huge potential in the future.” Situ, president of the North Asia region of sanitary products of the Swedish SCA (SCA) group with a history of almost 100 years. Dr. Wen gave such a set of comparative figures. Adult incontinence care products are a highly segmented market. As the largest sanitary product company in Europe and the third largest in the world, SCA pioneered the concept of adult diapers more than 50 years ago, and after more than half a century of development and accumulation, it has now become the industry leader in the field of adult incontinence care worldwide leader.

For baby diapers, with the shift in the consumption concept of the new generation of young parents and the liberalization of the two-child policy, the third “baby boom” has thrived. As a daily necessity with a large volume and a wide range, diapers will inevitably develop into a huge market with great potential. Generally, we can see that in baby products stores and large supermarkets, diapers occupy almost half of cabinets, which are becoming one of the products that parents must choose after milk powder. At present, there are many brands of baby diapers sold in China, and the diapers sold on the market are divided into Chinese domestic and imported. Domestic brands include: Papa’s Choice, Anerle (Hengan Group), Shubiqi, Queshi, etc. Imported brands include: Huggy (Kimberly-Clark Korea), Kao (Japan), King (Japan), Unicharm (Japan), Pampers, Ceanza Growth Diary (Italian technology), MUUMI Moomin A group of diapers (produced by Delipap Company of Finland), etc.
Influenced by the traditional diaper theory, many people think that traditional diapers are better than current kind of diapers: they have strong air permeability and hygroscopicity, and are not prone to diaper rash. However, the greatest progress of mankind is reflected in technology, such as diapers, sanitary pads, etc. They are one of the important manifestations of human technology. These products not only greatly facilitate people’s handling of some things, but also provide more advanced hygiene protection. It is understood that in developed countries, diapers have been basically popularized. In the UK, more than 90% of babies use disposable diapers; in the United States, 80% of babies use disposable diapers; in China, the popularity of diapers is increasing year by year. Some experts said that Chinese parents should scientifically analyze the traditional diaper theory and re-examine its correctness. Due to the inconvenient and unhygienic use of traditional diapers, disposable diapers have emerged and have been loved by new parents in recent years. Disposable diapers are easy to carry, do not need to be cleaned, and are easy to replace. However, medical experts said that babies with allergic skin must be replaced frequently, otherwise it will easily lead to red buttocks. With the continuous improvement of production technology, diapers have been improved from the single function of leak-proof and urine-absorbing at the beginning to leak-proof, breathable, urine-absorbing and antibacterial, and have added multiple functions such as stretchable elastic waist and three-dimensional leak-proof partitions. And these functions are unmatched by traditional diapers. Therefore, current diapers are becoming more and more popular, and the market for new diapers is gradually expanding.
Thus no matter which aspect you look at, the market for diapers has unlimited potential. For investors who want to invest in the diaper market, this is undoubtedly a excellent choice.