With the change of consumer demand driven by the COVID-19 epidemic and the emergence of new health care methods, it is possible to develop and popularize disinfection products such as disinfectant wipes. At the same time, countries have repeatedly emphasized the hygiene of daily environments. The importance of cleaning work to control the epidemic situation also provides excellent development opportunities for disinfection products. Disinfectant wipes will be greatly improved in the application of medical institutions in the future, and related medical disinfection wipes manufacturers will also follow suit. With the accelerated growth of market demand, it has led to a period of performance explosion. Therefore, investing in wet wipes production is a good choice. But before buying wet wipe equipment, we need to know more about wet wipes, such as the specifications of wet wipes equipment, working principle, wet wipes application, wet wipes ingredients, and technology of wet wipes equipment.

I will introduce the knowledge about wet wipes from the following aspects to help you choose the best wet wipe equipment.

First, what is a wet wipe machine? The wet wipe machine is an industrial machine that produces sanitary wipes by processing non-woven fabrics. Wet the non-woven fabric, cut it into the required sheet, and then fold it up for easy use. The machine produces wipes for various purposes, including alcohol wipes, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes as well as other specialty wipes. The machine produces wet wipes first by preparing a cleaning solution, and the prepared wetting solution will be conveyed to the wet wipe machine for impregnating non-woven fabrics. After that, the machine automatically folds and cuts the wet tissue. Their operation can be semi-automatic or fully automatic.

wet wipes

Second, types of wet wipe machine? There are many kinds of wet wipe machines on the market at present. You just need to choose a suitable machine. Broadly speaking, you can choose any of them, semi auto and fully auto. Semi auto wet wipe machine, the construction of most semi-automatic wipe dispensers is 304 stainless steel, and the contacting surfaces are usually made of 316 stainless steel. The machine provides moderate folding speed for nonwoven products, including industrial strength wet garments, personal hygiene products, baby wipes and other items. The wipe dispenser offers exceptional operational accuracy and offers flexibility in folding styles. The semi-automatic wipe machine allows for the creation of a variety of fold styles including “Z”, “C” and special folds. The wipe dispenser has a bath wetting system, which is a self-filling, sensor-controlled liquid tank. It has a sensitive liquid dosing system and online humidification through actuator valves and flow meters.

Fully automatic wet wipe machine

Fully automatic wipe dispensers are designed to ensure top performance, efficiency and versatility and range from 10 to 25 lanes. The wet wipe machine can produce wet wipes in various sizes and lengths. The machine is powerful enough to produce a wide range of wipes, including adult wipes, car cleaning wipes, baby wipes, washable laundry wipes, wet wipes, cleaning and household wipes, industrial wipes, and jumbo wipes. The automatic wipe dispenser makes it easy to change between different products. This makes it very flexible and fully responsive to present and future market needs.

The fully automatic wet wipe machine produces flat-packed wet wipe products, which are automatically fed into the packaging unit. In this system, you do not need human input throughout the manufacturing process. This type of wipe dispenser offers excellent sanitation capabilities and high capacity, making it a worthwhile investment for your business. The machine also makes it easy for the operator to switch between the various products. In addition, precise impregnation systems help to apply the wetting solution to the nonwoven with minimum deviation. The machine has a friendly user interface for automatic and uninterrupted efficient operation. The fully automatic wet wipe machine produces minimal product waste, requires little human input, and is designed to be upgraded to meet future needs.

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Third, factors to consider before purchasing a wet wipe machine. In addition to the efficiency of a wet mopping machine, there are other factors to consider before making a purchase. To that end, let’s take a look at some of the key aspects you should consider before purchasing a wet wiping machine. First of all, the machine should be very efficient with regard to proper packaging. This will allow the internal moisture of the wipes to be retained throughout their shelf life. Additionally, automation of the process will greatly increase production speed and reduce packaging time.

Finally, the machine should be equipped with a high-quality control panel that enables users to easily adjust the production speed and monitor the quality of the wipes. Again, wet scrubbers should have a long service life and need to have the ability to facilitate high productivity without encountering problems. A reliable supplier needs to give you a warranty period to ensure the long life of the machine. There are different designs of wet wipe dispensers, each with different performance. Although their primary roles remain the same, their output, efficiency, and other attributes differ. Therefore, you need to purchase the machine according to the requirements of the factory.