So in the last news, we talked about raw materials of big waistband diaper. Now I would like to offer you the list of raw materials of pull-up pant type diaper.
Raw materials are as below:
1.anti-leakage edge non-woven fabric
2.Surface layer non-woven fabric
3.Upper non-woven fabric
4.Absorbent sap paper
5.Lower non-woven fabric
6.Breathable film
7.Base non-woven fabric
8.Color printed sticker
9.Waistband lining with non-woven fabric
10.Waistband out lined with non-woven fabric
11.Waist elastic spandex
12.crotch elastic spandex
13.Leg elastic spandex
14.edge elastic spandex
15.elastic spandex glue
16.Structural glue

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