Advantages Of Four-Side Sealing Single Piece Wet Wipe Machines

Advantages Of Four-Side Sealing Single Piece Wet Wipe Machines

Wet wipes machine is an industrial machine that helps in processing non-woven fabrics to produce sanitary wipes.

It moistens the non-woven fabric, cuts it into the required sheets, then folds and wraps it for convenient use.

The machine produces wipes for various uses, including alcohol wipes, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes and other special purpose wipes.

Talking to wet wipes production machines, there are a lot of various types in the market. For example, 30-120pcs/pack wet wipe machine, 5-30pcs/pack wet wipe machine, 3 side sealing single piece wet wipe machine, 4 side sealing single piece wet wipe machine and canister wet wipe machine.

You may be confused about “Which type of wipes device is best or which type of wipes device should I purchase?” In fact, each type of machine has its own advantages. Therefore, if you want to produce wet wipes yourself, you should fully consider your uses and needs, such as the scale of production you want (small or large); the budget you are willing to invest in, and the best-selling types of wet wipes in your local area. After settling on a series of details, you’ll have all the information you need to make a sound choice. If you want to plan to purchase wet wipes equipment with lower cost but objective profits in the early stage, then you can consider four-side sealing single pcs wet wipe equipment. Today I would like to introduce the 4 side sealing single piece wet wipe machine for you.

This machine is suitable for the production of all kinds of four-side sealing wipes, make-up removal wipes, personal care wipes, alcohol pads, etc. One machine can produce a variety of different package sizes products (wet wipes). 

This machine with the advanced technology, servo motor and PLC touch panel, which can adjust the packing temperature, packing speed and tissue length accordingly. This machine adopts light electrical integration design, with the function of automatic error alarm system and safety instruction signals. With stable performance, simple operation, the continuous air pressure ensures the good sealing of products. What’s more, it can automatically complete many special functions such as folding wet wipes, adding liquid inside and outside, slicing, bag making, sealing, counting, batch numbering, and finished product output, effectively avoiding secondary contamination of wet wipes during the packaging process.

The following is its production process and machine features.

Production flow:

Loading one packing film roll → 1st sealing (left + right + bottom sides) → loading two non woven rolls → folding → cutting off → inserting tissue & filling liquid → 2nd sealing (left + right + up + bottom sides) → embossing Lot No.→ tear/notch making → cutting off & output by robot arm.

Product advantages of the fully automatic four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine: It adopts original servo motor control, which is more intelligent than other products controlled by similar frequency conversion motors or frequency converters at home and abroad. It has higher packaging accuracy, wider adjustment range, and more precise control. Lower scrap rate, better stability and lower noise. The world’s leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and maintenance is more convenient.

Features of fully automatic four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine:

1. Remove the die and cover sheet bonding device. This technology is unique in China.

2. The speed-adjustable device of the heat sealing and cutting hob can be used with one knife, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

3. Adopt advanced PLC computer program control, photoelectric detection sensor to detect the color mark, photoelectric mark, and two-way compensation to make the mark fast and accurate.

4. Each heating part uses four sets of thermostats to automatically control the temperature, and the sealing quality is high.

5. The suction mouth adopts adhesive method, which has good air tightness and is easy to open.

The above is an introduction to the four-side sealing single piece wet wipes equipment.

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