An investment opportunity for people who are looking to invest in sanitary pads. One must firstly know the cost of a sanitary pad making machine.

As a professional machinery manufacturer of sanitary pad making machine, the price of our brand new condition sanitary napkin pad making machine is about $232,000 without glue applicator.

Different brands of glue applicators have very different price, so our quotation normally does not include glue applicator. We can purchase glue applicator for you or you can purchase by yourself. A sanitary pad machine requires 2-4 sets of glue applicator. Normally the best brand is Nordson glue applicator, it costs about $20,000/set. If you want to look for economic type glue applicator, then the best choice is Chinese brand glue applicator, it costs about $10,000/set.

Since machines can be customized, the price is just for your reference. Different configurations of machinery have very different price and performance.

If you are interested in purchasing a sanitary napkin pad making machine, please contact us and inform your requirements and budget of the machine, our sales representative will recommend a suitable machine for you.

We also deal in secondhand/refurbished machines with very good condition and attractive price range from: $50,000 to 150,000 with glue applicator. If you are interested, please inform us.

Welcome to inquire. Rigor is your best choice.

sanitary napkin pad making machine