An automated machinery and equipment, sometimes can be topped by seven or eight skilled workers. Now the enterprise’s high degree of automation, not only can improve production efficiency, but also to a certain extent to avoid the shortage of workers, technical staff jumped the injury.” A point of view of sanitary products machinery manufacturers of automated production equipment “tend to be” the fundamental reason.

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Now in the industry, the core technical staff jumped ship or set up their own business is rife, the industry also lacks the legal means to effectively protect the technical core. Therefore, from upgrading enterprise production equipment, the full use of automated production equipment, has become a sanitary products machinery manufacturers to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and risks of the common practice. Enterprises, basically, have embarked on the road of production equipment automation upgrade.

Today, the sanitary ware machinery industry is facing more and more competition, to which, go high-end automation, the pursuit of precision-type production, is the key to maintain the advantage of enterprises. “Go high-end automation, expand the space of enterprises, is the biggest highlight of Songjia can always develop, so enterprises must optimize and upgrade production equipment, the rough production method into a precision-type production method.” The pursuit of precision-type production can make the production accuracy and production speed increase twice, and such high efficiency and quality assurance production is dependent on mechanical self-automation.

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