Decide whether a diaper making machine is good or not, from a professional point of view, there are national standards for testing the quality of diapers. From the point of view of the treasure mothers, mainly look at health and function. Hygiene is the most basic requirement to ensure the safe use of children, which is directly related to raw materials.

Raw materials are important, but production equipment is also an important factor in determining the quality of diapers.

No good equipment can not make a good diaper, the progress of diapers is inseparable from the development of production equipment.

As consumers’ demand for high-end diapers increases, foreign production equipment is once again “favored.” At present, the most cutting-edge diaper making machine companies in the world mainly include: Japan’s Ruiguang Company, Italy’s MacKenzie Company and Italy GDM Company.

What are the advantages of advanced diaper making equipment?

Advanced equipment in the stability of operation, product quality stability, production speed and production efficiency is much higher than ordinary equipment, not only can improve the quality of diapers, but also improve the production capacity of the factory. For a good factory, if you want to walk in the forefront of diaper manufacturing, you must introduce advanced production equipment.

The key process of diaper production:

  • fluff forming
  • Core cut
  • Guard Fold
  • Turn horizontal shrinkage
  • Waist stitching and product forming
  • Product Steering and Waist Folding
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