You know the wet wipes machine. You know what the construction is. Do you know how it works? Follow my steps to learn what a wet wipes machine is:

  • Wet wipes machine is an electrical product. Can be transported, cut, heated, humidified and purified to form and excrete natural fiber soft paper rolls into disposable towels. If you can trace the origins of the wet wipes machine, it was born in Japan in 1993 and then not developed due to technological immaturity and high cost. Later, the technology was transferred to Korea and Japanese technology was improved. However, there are still problems such as high manufacturing costs, high manufacturing difficulties (multi-disciplinary collaboration), high selling prices and high failure repair rates. Sales are small. Customer satisfaction is low and marketing is difficult.
  • The wet wipes machine processes spunlaced non-woven fabrics made of natural pure plant fibers. It produces disposable cleaning wipes and folded square hot and cold wipes, thus enabling instant, fast conversion of light collectors. One of the high-tech green environmental protection intelligent electrical appliances. It can produce a variety of dry towels and folded square hot and cold wet towels in a short time. And after ultraviolet disinfection, so it is very convenient to use, fast, clean up health. It’s designed to fit into people’s lives. Adapt to modern people’s pursuit of fashion, improve the traditional towel use habits. And protect the health of consumers. The wipes machine can be controlled automatically by microcomputer. According to the needs of users, the folding of hot and cold wipes can be automatically produced, and the conversion of cold wipes, hot wipes and dry wipes can be realized quickly.
  • Special attention must be paid to certain matters in the operation of wet wipes machine. Many people do not understand certain aspects of the operation of the equipment, so it will directly affect the results of production. So all of us in the process of operating the wet towel machine should understand its accurate operation method. As a professional operator, you must carefully learn the accurate operation method of the wet wipes machine. Only by understanding the specific operation methods, can you ensure the subsequent use. If you do not understand the operation method of the wipes machine, it will be greatly affected in the whole application process. Therefore, you should understand the specific operation of the wet wipes machine.

In the operation of the wipes machine, some things must be paid extra attention to. This is very important for everyone. Many people are completely unaware of the details of how they operate a device. So it directly affects the final result. So what are the problems we need to pay attention to in the process of operation? 

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  • Learn the right way to do it:As a professional operator, we must carefully learn the correct way of operation. 
  • Whether there is an exception :Usually in the use of wet wipes machine, also need to carefully observe, see if the equipment is abnormal, the work efficiency is not in the normal state, the equipment in the use of specific methods are what? We can correctly understand these specific situations and see if there are other abnormal problems in the equipment. Only in this way can we better solve them. Pay careful attention to these aspects and deal with problems as they arise.

Check the equipment regularly:Check the device before starting it every day, and clean it up after use. And can take a look at the standby of the wet wipes machine in time, if there are some problems need to be solved in time. If there is no problem, you can continue to use it. Therefore, in the process of daily use, you must do a good job of inspection and maintenance. This way the equipment will last longer, and can effectively reduce other things.