Sanitary napkins are natural and well-deserved personal health products, which play an important role in social health care and physiological health care. Its manufacturing method is also a topic worth clarifying, here to give you a detailed introduction to the production process of sanitary napkins.

  • First of all, the raw material will be ground first, under the strong rotation of the machine, the raw material grinding, solidification and rolling together, improve the dispersion of raw materials at the same time, effectively shorten the process of material processing, reduce the cost of input
  • Rolling is an energy saving and environmental protection production method. This process combines grinding organic matter and polymer, which is stored between sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins, so as to form an organic material structure medium. Make the raw materials more cohesive and gentle, produce a thicker combination of sanitary napkins, especially when rolling especially gentle, make the surface of sanitary napkins more smooth, tension is also stronger connection
  • There is also wet treatment, that is, the combination of sanitary napkins is placed in a humid environment, and wet treatment is carried out to increase the fastness of the upper covering film of sanitary napkins, so that sanitary napkins can achieve bactericide, deodorization, antibacterial and enhance the tension and strength of raw materials, to ensure that sanitary napkins can be taken and affixed comfortable for a long time and other basic requirements
  • In this step, sanitary napkins will be arranged into the standard size, and then edited and cut, so as to obtain sanitary napkins of certain size for consumers. This is also the common size of sanitary napkins, generally 240mm*130mm.
  • Finally, it is to carry out stickers on sanitary napkins, which is the final packaging and the most visible link of sanitary napkins. The stickers of sanitary napkins generally have information such as label, origin or brand name. In this way, when consumers use sanitary napkins, they can verify the sanitary napkins according to the information marked on the stickers and feel safe to use them.

The above is the production process of sanitary napkins, because the production process of sanitary napkins to undergo a variety of technological treatment, so its antibacterial, flexibility, bacteriological properties are very good, become a social health care and physiological health care field of essential products. In addition, the use of sanitary napkins requires correct knowledge, so its use has strict requirements for the physical and mental health of every consumer, and to achieve this point, it also requires consumers to be familiar with its use and knowledge, conservation of their own health, experience the warmth and comfort it brings.