Sanitary napkins are a concept that most people are familiar with.Sanitary napkins are necessary sanitary products for women. Every woman cannot do without them during her menstrual period. Since sanitary napkins directly contact women’s private parts, the skin in this area is very delicate and the flora is also very fragile, so the material requirements of sanitary napkins are very high,ans production safety standards are also very high.Safety and health of sanitary napkin is related to the safety and health of women and the future of the country.

Now we want to introduce you to the process for producing sanitary napkins,and get you acquainted to lady sanitary napkin machine.

Further information of sanitary napkins

the main material of sanitary napkin includes cotton, non-woven, pulp or the above material compound formed by polymer and polymer composite paper, the side of the design is mainly used to prevent side leakage, from the inside to the outside is divided into the surface layer, absorbent core, the bottom layer of three layers.

When using it, first tear off the middle paper tape, glue one side to the middle of the underwear, and stick the two “ears” to the narrowest part of the crotch. When choosing sanitary napkins, you should pay attention to material composition, hygienic standards and your own actual situation.

Sanitary napkin production process

In the production process of sanitary napkins, the raw materials need to be loaded into the machine for mixing, carding, wheel molding, and then transferred through the machine, creasing and trimming, pressing the inner layer and other processes, and finally compressing and sealing, separating and closing, and folding. Packaging, heat sealing, and a sanitary napkin was born.

During the production process of sanitary napkins, they must undergo multiple inspections such as stain detection, calibration and positioning, and metal detection. In addition, there are many performance index tests for sanitary napkins before, during and after delivery, before they can finally leave the machine and go to the market.

Different types of sanitary napkin

Normal thick type product: top sheet non-woven(or PE perforated film), elastic ribbon of Stereo-Protection ,top tissue, absorbent paper(cotton core with SAP), down tissue,PE film, back release paper, wing release paper, packaging film, easy tape.

Ultra thin:double layer anti-leakage non-woven, top sheet (non woven or PE perforated film), absorbent core(air laid, SAP paper), down tissue, back sheet(PE film), wing release paper, packaging film, easy tape.

Functions of lady sanitary napkin machine

The lady sanitary napkin machine is an automated and comprehensive machine to produce sanitary napkins.

1. It can produce ultra-thin sanitary napkins or fluff pulp cotton core sanitary napkins and quick and easy packaging.

2.PLC+touch screen+inverter control system.

3. The 90-degree rotation of the sanitary napkin production equipment adopts a planetary gear steering mechanism, and the air valve controls the suction size, making the rotation fast and reliable.

4. The small packaging adopts soft wrapping method, which is heat-sealed, pressed and cut into one piece. The shape of the product is smooth and beautiful.

5. The whole machine adopts variable frequency motor drive, gear box, cardan shaft and synchronous belt drive.

6. The main materials such as toilet paper, non-woven fabrics, and cast films can automatically change and splice materials, automatically control the tension, automatically correct deviations, and change splicing materials. Secondary and scrap products are automatically removed, and production faults are automatically shut down.

7. The pulverizer is of toothed type and can be used for unprocessed pulp and processed pulp.

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