Labels and stickers are both adhesive-backed items used for various purposes, but they serve different functions and are made from different materials. Here’s a breakdown of each:


1.Function: Labels are primarily used for identification, information, or branding. They can be attached to products, packages, documents, or any item that requires clear and legible information.

2.Material: Labels are made from a variety of materials including paper, plastic, or metal. The adhesive on the back allows them to stick to surfaces.


  • Paper Labels: Commonly used for simple identification purposes.
  • Plastic Labels: More durable and can withstand various environmental conditions.
  • Metal Labels: Very durable and often used for industrial or high-wear applications.


  • Product branding and information (e.g., ingredients, expiration dates).
  • Address labels for mailing envelopes or packages.
  • Barcode labels for inventory tracking.
  • Warning or instructional labels on machinery or equipment.

5.Customization: Labels can be customized with text, logos, barcodes, and various designs to suit specific needs.


1. Function: Stickers are used for decoration, promotion, or to convey a message. They are often collectible or used for personal expression.

2.Material: Stickers are typically made from paper or vinyl, with a strong adhesive that allows them to be easily applied and removed from surfaces without leaving residue.


  • Paper Stickers: Suitable for temporary or short-term use.
  • Vinyl Stickers: More durable and can be used outdoors or on various surfaces.
  • Reflective Stickers: Designed to be visible in low light conditions.


  • Decorative elements on personal items like laptops, water bottles, or bicycles.
  • Promotional items for businesses or events.
  • Bumper stickers with messages or affiliations.
  • Educational stickers for children.

5.Design: Stickers are often brightly colored and can feature intricate designs, logos, or slogans. They are a popular medium for artistic expression and marketing.

In summary, while both labels and stickers use adhesive to attach to surfaces, labels are more about providing information and are made from a variety of materials for different durability levels, whereas stickers are generally used for decoration or messaging and are made to be more durable and versatile for various applications.