In the sanitary napkin production process, accurate material delivery is an important part of ensuring production efficiency, which places high demands on the performance of sanitary towel making machines. We are a professional sanitary napkin machine manufacturer, providing you with a full set of solutions for sanitary napkin production.

The automation equipment of our sanitary towel making machines uses a variety of advanced technologies and systems to ensure the accurate delivery of raw materials, thereby ensuring the quality and consistency of the product.

Sanitary Towel Making Machines

1. Servo drive system

Servo motors are used to drive the conveyor belts and rollers of the raw materials. The servo system can accurately control the speed, position and acceleration to ensure that the raw materials move at a constant and accurate speed.

2. Tension control system

During the entire conveying process, the tension of the material is monitored and adjusted through tension controllers and sensors. This can avoid deformation or wrinkles caused by excessive stretching or looseness of the material during the process.

3. Sensors and vision systems

Photoelectric sensors, laser sensors or visual inspection systems are used to monitor the position and movement of raw materials. They can detect the edges, marks or printed patterns of the materials to ensure the accurate alignment of the materials.

4. Programmable logic controller (PLC)

The PLC performs unified control commands for each drive and sensor. Through the preset program, the PLC can process the sensor information and make corresponding adjustments to ensure the accuracy and synchronization of the conveying process.

5. Automatic adjustment mechanism

When the sensor detects the position deviation of the raw material, the automatic adjustment system will immediately adjust the position of the conveying mechanism to ensure that the material is accurately conveyed along the predetermined path.

6. Track and guide system

The carefully designed track and guide rollers ensure the linearity and stability of the raw materials during the conveying process and prevent the material from deflecting.

7. Data monitoring and feedback

Sensors and cameras on the production line continuously collect data. Through the real-time feedback system, any conveying deviation will be immediately detected and corrected to ensure the continuous accuracy of raw material conveying.

Using these advanced technologies and systems, sanitary napkin manufacturing machines can achieve accurate raw material conveying in a high-speed production environment, reduce production errors, and improve product quality. By achieving automated precision control, manufacturers can also optimize production efficiency and resource utilization and reduce production costs.

sanitary towel making machines

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