In the year 2020, a very disastrous pandemic: corona virus burst out, the situation of pandemic is very severe, millions of people die from corona virus in the world. During this horrible period, demand of face masks rose rapidly, so raw materials for diaper, sanitary pad were used to manufacturing face masks in order to prevent the spreading of corona virus. And price of these raw materials went up tremendously.

For example, the price of spunlace non woven fabric rose to $15,500 per ton from less than $1,550 per ton, that is to say, 10 times of the original price. The rising of material price caused huge pressure on manufacturing factories. So at that time, manufacturing of diaper and sanitary pad is rare in its amount, and under this pressure, diaper and sanitary pad factories all stopped manufacturing.

Now, with the situation that spreading of corona virus is controlled day by day, raw material price gradually fall back to normal price, so manufacturing of diaper and sanitary pad starts to recover.

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