A client is curious because he could not find grander in the diaper machine video we sent him.

The answer is: a diaper/sanitary pad machine without a grander only produces ultrathin diapers/sanitary pads. And a diaper/sanitary pad machine with a grander produces both thick and ultrathin diapers/sanitary pads.

For those who want to produce thick diapers/sanitary pads with a machine without a grander, they can add a grander at any time.

There are SAP and cotton in both ultra thin and thick diapers.
For ultra thin diaper, there is more SAP and less cotton inside.
For thick diaper, there is less SAP and more cotton inside, so diaper will be thicker.
Because thick diaper requires more cotton, so there will be a grander to crush.

If you do not know thick diaper or ultrathin diaper is more popular in your market, please do a market survery to help you decide.

Rigor machine will be your smartest decision.

Diaper Machine

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